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Real Estate Loans

At NOLU Capital we offer a wide range of Real Estate Loans that open doors for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Navigate commercial endeavors with a Bridge Loan, execute profitable transformations with Fix & Flip Loans, and build long-term success with Rental Loans designed for residential and multi-family investors. Whether you’re bridging gaps, flipping properties, or securing rental income, NOLU Capital provides tailored financing solutions to turn your real estate visions into reality.

Commercial Bridge Loans

Move quickly on commercial real estate opportunities. Borrow the cash you need to close and make initial improvements toward stabilization.

Fix & Flip Loans

Need shorter term funding purchase, renovate and sell or rent prior to bunds for purchase to rehab and resell or hold for long term rental.

Slow Flip™ Loans

Close quickly as a cash-buyer with loans under $50,000. Own the property free-and-clear in 5 years or less and reap rewards of seller financing.

Conventional, VA or FHA Loans

We offer loans for primary residences, vacation homes and rental properties.