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Become a Private Lender

Why Choose NOLU Capital for Your Private Lending?

Welcome to NOLU Capital, where our exclusive network of private lenders enjoys unparalleled opportunities to engage in the dynamic world of real estate investment and development.

Unmatched Returns:
Elevate your financial portfolio with NOLU Capital. Our proven track record consistently delivers returns that outshine traditional investment avenues. With innovative strategies, our private lenders enjoy above-market returns, often exceeding 10% annually. Some programs even guarantee a preferred return, ensuring your investment works as hard as you do.

Diversify Your Portfolio:
Join the ranks of savvy investors diversifying their assets. NOLU Capital provides private lenders exposure to a carefully curated portfolio of real estate assets. Our strategic acquisition approach spreads risk across various properties, enhancing stability and safeguarding your investment against potential downsides.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Confidence:
At NOLU Capital, we understand the importance of confidence in your investments. Our meticulous underwriting process, coupled with a collateralized loan structure and comprehensive insurance policies, virtually eliminates risk for our private lenders. Rest easy knowing that your investment is backed by the resilience of real estate and fortified against unforeseen challenges.

Impactful Investing, Real Results:
Your private loan with NOLU Capital goes beyond financial gains; it makes a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities. By choosing us, you’re not just investing; you’re helping fellow Americans achieve their dreams of homeownership and contributing to the revitalization of neighborhoods. Join us in making a difference while enjoying impressive returns.

Ready to elevate your investment journey? Choose NOLU Capital, where exclusive opportunities, attractive returns, and impactful investing converge for a transformative private lending experience. Invest with confidence, invest with purpose at NOLU Capital.

How to Get Started

Becoming a private money lending partner with NOLU Capital is straightforward.

  1. Schedule a Call: Use the calendar below to arrange for an introductory discussion. There is no obligation or commitment, just an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn more.
  2. Discussion: During the call we will go over our programs in greater detail, answer any questions you have and see if our strategy and your goals are aligned.
  3. Investment: If we agree to move forward together we’ll guide you through the necessary documentation and funding procedure.

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