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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I invest with Nolu Capital?
    • Contact us through the Invest With Us page to learn more about our process and to schedule an introductory call.
  2. What are the minimum loan requirements?
    • Our products require a minimum commitment of $30,000.
  3. What returns can I expect on my investment?
    • Our products range offer a return 10% to 12% APY.
  4. What types of properties does NoLu Capital invest in?
    • We invest in single-family and multi-family homes in the mid-west and southeast with the majority of the portfolio currently in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. We also have properties in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.
  5. What is the term of the loan?
    • Our typical pay-back period is 60 months.
  6. How is the investment secured?
    • Your loan is secured by the underlying real estate. You hold a Note in Deed of Trust in first position. In addition we also purchase a home owner’s insurance policy listing you as the primary beneficiary.
  7. How are the funds committed?
    • Your funds (the loan amount) are wired directly to the closing attorney’s escrow account. Documents are prepared by a licensed and experience real estate attorney in the state where the property is located?
  8. Are any documents recorded with the county?
    • Yes. An abbreviated memorandum summarizing the Note in Deed of Trust is filed with the relevant county listing you as the lender.